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  • Celtic Punkcast - Christmas Special
    von Gareth Olver am 24. Dezember 2023 um 18:24

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!   Hopefully you are having a wonderful holiday season and even if family is driving you crazy, there is whiskey and eggnog within reach to help you endure! And […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 48 November 2023
    von Gareth Olver am 30. November 2023 um 21:16

    We're back with Episode 48!! Missed you last month. Did you miss us???  Good!!!   Getting back into it with some of the best Celtic punk, rock, and folk for your enjoyment. New tracks, old tracks, […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 47 September 2023
    von Gareth Olver am 9. September 2023 um 20:52

    We're back with Episode 47!! It's a little bit early, but I didn't think any of y'all would mind at all. This a pretty great one, if I do say so myself. We have a couple of themed sets for you, an […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 46 August 2023
    von Gareth Olver am 19. August 2023 um 21:28

    Episode 46 is here for your listening pleasure!! We have some great tunes for your earholes, so get to getting.    And yes...of all the complicated names and words in this episode, I screwed up […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 45 July 2023
    von Gareth Olver am 16. Juli 2023 um 2:45

    Hi, remember me? Been on hiatus for a while but now we're ready to go again....again. Same great punkcast with a slight difference you MIGHT be able to notice!! Hope it was worth waiting for and […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 44 June 2021
    von Gareth Olver am 2. Juni 2021 um 1:41

    Hi, remember me? Been on hiatus for a while but now we're ready to go again. And man was I rusty doing this! But anyway, I FINALLY have episode 44 in the can and to paraphrase one of my personal […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Best Of 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 3. Januar 2021 um 11:42

    Hello friends! Welcome to 2021! I think we can all agree that although 2020 was an absolute shitshow of massive proportions, it did give us some fantastic music for us to listen to while in various […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 43 December 2020: Christmas Special IV
    von Gareth Olver am 12. Dezember 2020 um 4:32

    Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas ya punks! Welcome to the fourth annual Celtic Punkcast Christmas Special! I have some stuff I've never played and also some suggestions of some other stuff you may have […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 42 November 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 30. November 2020 um 11:27

    G'day again from Moyston here in the beautiful Grampians in Australia. I'm back with another show jammed full of some of the best Celtic Punk, Folk Punk and Celtic Rock from every corner of the […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 41 October 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 31. Oktober 2020 um 2:33

    G'day all and Happy Halloween (although let's face it, 2020 has been a nightmare all year). Here is the October show, featuring some great new tunes, a couple of Halloween tracks and of course the […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 40 August 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 24. August 2020 um 2:59

    Hi everyone, hope you're all ok and staying healthy (and sane!) during this weird period of time we are living in. Hopefully this new episode of the show will help make your day a wee bit better. […]

  • Shite'n'Onions Celtic-punk podcast #120
    von Murphy am 26. Juli 2020 um 14:00

    Neck - The Foggy Dew The Currency - 888 The Mighty Regis - Paddy Don't Live In Hollywood The Electrics - Caledonia The Rumjacks - An poc ar buile The Placks - The Bomb, the Bullet & the Gun […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 39 July 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 26. Juli 2020 um 12:15

    Hi everyone, and yep I'm back after a bit of a break with some kick arse music for you all to enjoy. Plenty of great music so I won't say much more. Here's this months playlist:   TOXIC […]

  • Shite'n'Onions Celtic-punk podcast #119
    von Murphy am 3. Juli 2020 um 1:39

    Shite'n'Onions Celtic-punk podcast #119 Prydein - Run Run Away The Mahones - The Hunger & The Fight The Placks - Rebellious Son The Placks - The Mountain Men Clovers Revenge - Old Hag, You Have […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 38: May 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 25. Mai 2020 um 0:53

    Hi again everyone, back with the 38th instalment of the little show from Moyston called the Celtic Punkcast. And episode 38 is a good one too I must say. Some new music, some old favourites and bands […]

  • Shite'n'Onions Celtic-punk podcast #118
    von Murphy am 5. Mai 2020 um 1:39

    The Tossers - Johnny McGuire's Wake McDermotts 2 Hours - Dirty Davey Gerard Smith - The Maid Of Cabra West 1916 - For Whiskey Irish Whispa - Hot Asphalt Greenland Whalefishers - Darkness Hugh […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 37: April 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 26. April 2020 um 12:27

    Hi everyone and welcome to the Celtic Punkcast's 3rd birthday! And to celebrate we have a show that is packed with brand new music from some incredible acts from around the world, in fact all bar one […]

  • Shite'n'Onions Celtic-punk podcast 117
    von Murphy am 29. März 2020 um 18:56

    Podcast #117 feature Greenland Whalefishers from their new album Based On A True Story - www.shitenonions.com The Skels - When The Devil's Whore Arrives Greenland Whalefishers - Friend-Enemy Black 47 […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Bonus Episode: All Australian Special
    von Gareth Olver am 22. März 2020 um 12:39

    G'day everyone, look I know we're all a bit down at the moment, especially the way the world is and us all being in self isolation and social distancing and all that, so I thought a bonus podcast […]

  • St. Patrick's Day Podcast 2020
    von Shite'n'Onions am 17. März 2020 um 15:27

    St. Patrick's Day Podcast 2020 from Shite'n'Onions  www.shitenonions.com Neck - Every Day's St Patrick's Day The Skels - Have A Drink Ya Bastards Black 47 - Green Suede Shoes The Muckers - Let's All […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 36: March 2020 Supershow
    von Gareth Olver am 8. März 2020 um 20:46

    Dia duit everyone and welcome to the third annual Celtic Punkcast March Supershow, 2 hours (give or take) of some of the best versions of classic songs by some of the best artists the Celtic […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 35: February 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 9. Februar 2020 um 11:08

    Hey there everybody and welcome to another month of the best celtic punk, celtic rock and folk punk from around the world made right here in Victoria, Australia. I'm really keen for you guys to hear […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 34: January 2020
    von Gareth Olver am 19. Januar 2020 um 11:51

    Hi again everyone and I hope your new year has started well. It's been a busy time for me here but I still managed to get this months show out. I hope you enjoyed the Best Of 2019 special and I'd […]

  • Bonus Episode: The Celtic Punkcast Best of 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 1. Januar 2020 um 11:17

    Hi everyone and happy new year. And look it hasn't been a great end of 2019/start of 2020 for many Australians but it has been another great year in the celtic punk/folk punk scene. In addition to […]

  • Have a Shite (n'Onions) Christmas
    von Murphy am 22. Dezember 2019 um 4:52

    Merry Christmas from Shite'n'Onions The Walker Roaders - Lord Randall's Bastard Son Alternative Ulster - All I Want For Christmas Is A Divorce Langers Ball - Auld Lang Syne The Walker Roaders - Seo […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 33: December 2019 Christmas Special
    von Gareth Olver am 8. Dezember 2019 um 12:30

    Hi everyone and Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! It's the most wonderful time of the year, time for another Christmas special! Some great festive themed tunes for you guys to play over the holiday […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 32: November 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 17. November 2019 um 12:46

    Hi everyone. Yes I know I've been bloody slack lately with getting shows out but fear not! I'm back with an absolute cracker of a show this month. Plenty of new music and a few new bands, I hope you […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 31: October 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 13. Oktober 2019 um 12:27

    Hi everyone, welcome again for another month. And i have to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who's listened to the show because I just saw I've hit 10,000 total downloads! Can't believe it and I'm […]

  • Scheppe Siwen – Wat Bleift (2019)
    von Hubert Jost am 3. Oktober 2019 um 10:00

    Die lebhafte Muttersprache der Luxemburger Folk-Punk Band Scheppe Siwen wird auch das Markenzeichen der neuen CD sein, die im November dieses Jahres erscheinen wird. Heute ist vorab bereits ein Video […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 30: September 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 8. September 2019 um 13:17

    G'day again everyone. Another month, another podcast episode. September already, where has this year gone? I have some great music for you all to enjoy, from right around the world including the […]

  • The Brogues on Tour
    von kuec am 3. September 2019 um 12:00

    Zum Promoten ihres neuen Albums „The Devil’s Own Invention“ gehen die Brogues in diesem Herbst auf Tour.Termine Fr 27.09. Schmölln/Thür Sa 28.09. Fürth/Bay Di 01.10. AVAILABLE Mi 02.10. […]

  • The O’Malleys – Can You Hear Me (2019)
    von kuec am 1. September 2019 um 8:00

    O’Malley heißt eigentlich keiner von ihnen. Die Band aus Limerick hat  sich nach dem Pub benannt, in dem sie Mitte der Achtziger als akustisches Trio angefangen hat. Seitdem hat es Auftritte in […]

  • Shite'n'Onions Celtic-punk podcast 114
    von Murphy am 27. August 2019 um 3:10

    Destitution Road (Roaring Jack) - Mickey Rickshaw - Behind The Eight Ball Coming Home - Handsome Young Strangers - The Bleeding Bridge Home In Song - Mickey Rickshaw - Home In Song Martyrs of the […]

  • The Celtic Punkcast Presents the London Celtic Punks 10 Year Anniversary Special
    von Gareth Olver am 19. August 2019 um 12:58

    Hi everyone and welcome to a special bonus episode of the Celtic Punkcast, celebrating ten years of service from the lads over at the London Celtic Punks site! The fine crew from LCP have given me a […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 29: August 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 6. August 2019 um 13:14

    Hey everybody, welcome to the August 2019 show, hope everyone is keeping well and is ready to listen to some great music from 5 different continents and countries as diverse as Australia, The USA, […]

  • Schandmaul – Live in Bassum
    von frakru am 30. Juli 2019 um 19:13

    Das BASSUM-OPEN-AIR (in der Nähe von Bremen) hat sich in kürzester Zeit im überregionalen Veranstaltungs- und Konzertkalender etabliert. Aus der Idee, ein eigenes Konzertwochenende aus Spaß an […]

  • The Trongate Rum Riots in Lüdenscheid – Vorschau
    von kuec am 16. Juli 2019 um 8:00

    Die Trongate Rum Riots stammen aus Glasgow, einer Stadt, die ebenso von salziger maritimer Tradition durchdrungen ist wie ihre Musik. Ursprünglich als Sea Shanty-Band gegründet, um diesen reichen […]

  • Simply Bushed (AUS) on Tour 2019
    von kuec am 15. Juli 2019 um 8:00

    Zur Musikgattung „Americana“ gibt es das Gegenstück „Australiana“, bestens vertreten durch Simply Bushed aus Sydney. In ihrem Heimatland sind sie für ihre herzhaften Live-Shows und ihren […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 28: July 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 7. Juli 2019 um 13:06

    G'day again everyone, back again with another podcast. July already! This year is halfway in the books and there's some great music coming out from across the globe. Great show again this month, with […]

  • Red Hot Chilli Pipers Tour 2019
    von kuec am 19. Juni 2019 um 9:00

    Nach einer erfolgreichen Tour 2017 werden die RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS mit ihrem Original-Scottish-Bag-Rock die deutschen Bühnen auch 2019 wieder erobern und ihr Publikum davon überzeugen, dass […]

  • Stout
    von daniels am 16. Juni 2019 um 19:30

    Das gute Stück erscheint am 30.06.19 und ist ab dann erhältlich auf www.stout-music.de/shop. Und in Kürze auf allen Download- und Streaming-Plattformen. The post Stout first appeared on […]

  • The Waterboys – Where The Action Is (2019)
    von kuec am 12. Juni 2019 um 8:00

    Die Waterboys sind seit 1983 in ständig wechselnder Besetzung die Band von Mike Scott. Der 60-jährige, in Irland lebende Songwriter ist immer seinen eigenen Weg gegangen und hatte speziell in den […]

  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 27: June 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 8. Juni 2019 um 13:15

    Hi again everybody, welcome back to the Celtic Punkcast. Unfortunately I was a bit late getting this episode out due to circumstances beyond my control but hopefully you'll think this months show is […]

  • Lady Godiva – Celebrating 25 Years
    von kuec am 31. Mai 2019 um 8:00

    Yeehaa – die Gerüchte stimmen: Die Sauerländer Irish-Folk-Punk-Legende Lady Godiva is back in town again… Gut fünf Jahre nach dem restlos ausverkauften Reunion-Konzert anlässlich ihres 20. […]

  • Coast – 10 year anniversary tour 2019
    von kuec am 27. Mai 2019 um 8:00

    Die schottische Band Coast begeht in diesem Jahr ihr Zehnjähriges, was man am Erscheinen ihrer ersten Single Colours im Mai 2009 festmachen kann. Frontmann und Songschreiber Paul Eastham […]

  • The Krusty Moors – Crowdfunding für ein Jubiläumsalbum
    von daniels am 8. Mai 2019 um 19:45

    Normalerweise kann ich all die Wünsche für die Unterstützung eines Crowdfundings nicht aufgreifen, es wären einfach zu viele und unser Magazin würde eine eigene Plattform. Manchmal gibt es aber […]

  • Versengold
    von frakru am 6. Mai 2019 um 19:38
  • Celtic Punkcast Episode 26: May 2019
    von Gareth Olver am 5. Mai 2019 um 13:12

    Hello once again from Punkcast Central overlooking the spectacular Grampians mountain range here in Victoria, Australia. Another month and now 26 episodes down. A regular show feature, the featured […]

  • Ferocious Dog
    von frakru am 26. April 2019 um 8:34
  • Raise your Pints Vol. 4 – Sampler (2019)
    von cuba64 am 25. April 2019 um 14:41

    Raise Your Pints geht in die vierte Runde und wieder präsentiert MacSlons Radio 20 handverlesene Bands mit jeweils einem repräsentativen Song. Wer sich diesen Sampler anhört, wird auf eine Reise […]