#5 Scruffy / The Krusty Moors

Heute stellen wir Euch einen Pubbesitzer, Karlsruhe-Fan und liebenswürdigen Frontmann einer Band vor, die sich in ihrem Sound erheblich von anderen des Genres unterscheidet.

Selfie unseres Künstlers

Künstlername / Spitzname:


bürgerlicher Name:

Paul Burke

geboren im Jahre 1973 in Born in Boston, Mass, USA Of Irish parents from Cork. After a few months crawlin round Boston i moved back Dublin, Ireland where i grew up.

Aktuelle Band:

The Krusty Moors

Weitere / bisherige Bands:

The Krusty Moors spielen nun schon seit über 15 Jahren ihre spannende Mischung aus traditionellen Folksongs aus Irland.


Guitar, Mandolin, tin whistle

Ein kurioses Erlebnis aus dem Musiker/innenleben:

Auf tour in Scandinavia with the auld band (The Diggers) in 1997ish. In a 13 meter bus with one seat (and a few sofas), 15 people of 11 different nationalities crossing the border bridge from Sweden into Norway hoping to not get stopped for a passport check (or seatbelt check!). We did get stopped but after the border guards had one quick smell from outside the door, of the interior of our tourbus, we were politely asked to continue into Norway….Times have changed!!!

Meine Liebingsmusik ist …

The Mighty Stef, Rumjacks, Pogues, The Krusty Moors, Sir Reg, Mc Dermotts
The Diggers 1649, Damo Dempsy, Bunny Gang, the list is endless….

Das beste Album ever ist …

F.U.A.L.(fuck up and live),Tofu Love Frogs (Rentamob),Giant Ant Farm(Fortune)

Bestes besuchtes Konzert ever …

Floggin Molly - Cafe Central in Weinheim around 2000/2001- the bands first tour in Germany playin to an audience of less than 200 and i played in the support band. We shared the backstage room which was tiny! Another great concert that deserves a mention was Gogol Bordello in Karlsruhe! I only knew one song but was blown away by the energy and sound created by the gypsy punx! And not to forget the Trip to Tipp in Ireland in 1991 with The Pogues, Steve Earle, The Saw Doctors, Luka Bloom, Paul Brady, Van Morisson, and many more…sick for a week I was after that!

Aktueller Lieblingssong:

I wake up lately with a song rushin round me head, it sounds really cool, it usually takes me a few moment to remember who wrote it, or who is in the process of writing it- its called ”Mindstrollin (Dublin Town)”… me, grins…but seriously there`s so many good songs out there a favourite is so hard to choose.


One that nearly makes me cry is “Kilkelly”

Dieses Video sollte die Welt gesehen haben:

Am liebsten reise ich nach:

I love to visit my homeland, Ireland. But I was in Jamaica once for three days, that was amazing, even though I never got away from Negril. Theres so much beauty there away from the beaches, Someday…….

Mein Lieblingsbuch ist:

Rockin´the Bronx- Larry Kirwan (singer of Black 47) under andere…. I seem toremember another book called “London Irish” that was good.

Am liebsten esse ich:

Käsespätzle and Lachs (maybe not at the same time)

Mein Lieblingsfilm/-serie ist:

Boon Dock Saints, Father Ted, Aufwiedersehn Pet

Drei Menschen, die ich bewundere sind:

My wife, my son and my daughter……..and all my family

Whisky oder Bier?

Guinness and Jägermeister

Drei individuelle Fragen

Féile '91 - Ireland (klicken)
Féile '91 - Ireland (klicken)

Was ist Dein liebster Irish Pub?

Ha Ha- Scruffys Irish Pub

Was ist die schönste Stadt in Deutschland?


Welche geheime Sehenswürdigkeit würdest Du einem Touristen in Irland empfehlen?

Balscadden Beach in Howth, Dublin- a good place to ponder the worlds mysteries while pushing your cider intake levels to the limit!

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