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0 UhrMore Music ...All Day LongAustralien SpecialAll Day LongVeterans of Folk-PunkAll Day LongLowlands
1 UhrAll Day LongClassics of FolkrockRoisin RocksD/A/CH PaddysThe wide North
2 UhrScots Wha HaeAll Day LongWhat's New!Rarities ( Music ...All Day Long
3 UhrAkustik SessionVeterans of Folk-PunkAll Day LongAll Day Long
4 UhrGreen IslandAll Day LongAkustik Session
5 UhrWhalefisheriesThe wide NorthMusique Celtique
6 UhrSouthernVeterans of Folk-PunkWhat's New!Akustik Session
7 UhrWhat's New!Rarities ( wide NorthAll Day LongAustralien Special
8 UhrWhat's New!D/A/CH PaddysSouthernAll Day LongVeterans of Folk-Punk
9 UhrAkustik SessionRoisin RocksWhat's New!Scots Wha HaeClassics of Folkrock
10 UhrClassics of FolkrockAll Day LongWhat's New!LowlandsWhat's New!
11 UhrAll Day LongWhalefisheriesRoisin Rocks
12 UhrMusique CeltiqueD/A/CH PaddysRarities ( Music ...Akustik SessionWhat's New!Akustik Session
13 UhrRoisin RocksAll Day LongVeterans of Folk-PunkClassics of FolkrockRoisin RocksScots Wha Hae
14 UhrVeterans of Folk-PunkAkustik SessionWhat's New!Musique CeltiqueAkustik Session
15 UhrScots Wha HaeAkustik SessionAll Day LongLowlandsD/A/CH PaddysSouthern
16 UhrThe wide NorthSouthernAustralien SpecialClassics of FolkrockWhalefisheriesMusique Celtique
17 UhrRarities ( RocksAll Day LongAkustik SessionVeterans of Folk-PunkWhat's New!
18 UhrLowlandsWhat's New!Green IslandWhat's New!Green Island
19 UhrD/A/CH PaddysMusique CeltiqueGreen IslandAll Day LongAll Day Long
20 UhrAustralien SpecialClassics of FolkrockWhat's New!All Day LongAll Day LongThe wide NorthWhalefisheries
21 UhrAll Day LongAll Day LongAustralien SpecialRoisin Rocks
22 UhrWhat's New!LowlandsScots Wha HaeClassics of FolkrockAll Day Long
23 UhrAkustik SessionWhalefisheriesSouthernRarities (

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